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Sheltered employment training – Superbolter

September 17, 2018 collaborations updates 0

We have recently collaborated with Superbolt Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in their Artificial Intelligence(AI) module by providing data annotations services as part of sheltered employment training.

Data annotation is one if the key inputs to any kind of machine learning or artificial intelligence algo. The talented students at Ishanya have filled this gap at Superbolter.

The talent at Ishanya has taken complete ownership of a key process of Superbolter. This is not a CSR initiative and our success depends on the success of the students at Ishanya. We will work with more such institutions to make such youth self-reliant. – Arvind Prakash Singh, Founder & CEO

SuperBolter is a technology startup that is trying to create a digital twin of every home on the planet providing an immersive experience to consumers and help them make better shopping decisions for home interiors, furniture or decor. Key contact :


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