Spruha FAQ’s

Why choose us?
  • A Highly dedicated team with diverse background
  • Well planned curriculum
  • Optimum pupil – educator ratio
  • Practical life skills training
  • Expanded computer skills curriculum
  • Technology assisted intervention to teach soft skills
  • Exposure to industry standard software
  • Live hands-on project experiences (Vocational programs)
  1. What is the objective of the program?

The objective of Spruha program is to empower students and facilitate their successful transition to life after school. The program aims to provide skill Development as part of their individualized plan and to provide them with real world, hands on training to improve future opportunities.

  1. Who prepares and decides courses and curriculum?

The curriculum is developed based on intensive discussion with all the stakeholder including special educators, parents and professionals from various industry. The skill areas that are crucial for the holistic development of the students are part of this comprehensive curriculum.

  1. What type of work can I expect my child to gain after completing training?

The aim of Spruha is to have an incubation unit at our center where students will work on projects based on specific vocational programs that they are trained in. However, this doesn’t guarantee after completion, all students would be part of the incubation.

  1. Do you provide transportation?

Transportation will not be provided.

  1. How do I get a student enrolled for the program?

The admission process is as below:

  • Seek an appointment with our director and meet along with the student
  • Schedule the assessment sessions
  • Fill in the online admission form
  • Provide the necessary documents
  • Pay fees and enroll the student for the program
  1. Are the educators training the student qualified?

Yes. All the educators come from various background and advanced degrees in the areas of special education, psychology and information technology.

  1. Why does a student need this program?

The program focuses on the student’s specific interests, strengths, independency, life skills and personal goals. It also focuses on readiness skills which are essential to pursue any vocation.

  1. What if a student does not know to use computers; will this program benefit him/her?

Prior knowledge of computers is not mandatory. Basics of computer will be taught as well. Non-Technology related courses will be added in due course of time.

  1. What is the eligibility?
    • For the full day program: The student has to be 15 years or above
    • For the half day program: The student has to be 14 years or above (Decision will be made after the initial assessment)
  2. Is there an assessment at the end of the year and any certification?

An informal assessment will be done by the educators and a certification for completing the skill development program will be provided at the end of the program. Quarterly reports will be shared with the parents stating the progress of the student and the same shall be discussed during PTM’s.