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Understanding Siblings of Children with Special Needs

‘I am a sibling of someone with special needs. I believe this is the best thing that has happened to me because now I see the world through the eyes of possibilities.’ – A very special needs resource. Interacting with parents and siblings with special needs has given the opportunity to observe the relationship and…
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January 1, 2020 0

Understanding echolalia and ways to make it meaningful

Echolalia is the parrot like repetition of words or sentences that the child has heard. It can be repeated immediately or at a later stage. Many children with Autism go through a period of echolalia and use less and less echolalia as they learn more language skills. An example of immediate echolalia would be when…
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December 25, 2019 0

Nurturing Compassion

“An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.” ― Martin Buber Some people say compassion is innate. Some say, it is developed.   Compassion is a feeling. We all have our own definitions of ‘compassion’. It is always this fight within that empowers us to come face to face with our own…
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December 18, 2019 1

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Understanding the Mysterious World of Sensory Experiences and Repetitions

In Anatomy of Autism, the author Diego M. Pena, a nine year old boy with Autism writes: “The reality of Autism is generally not understood by the neurotypical world. The many things that make us autistic should not be seen as something flawed. We are capable of being heroes, but our abilities are as unique…
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December 11, 2019 0

IEP- Individualised educational plan or I Encourage Progress

People said he wouldn’t, but he did People said he couldn’t, but he can People said he won’t, but he will Individualised educational plan (IEP) is a term that revolves around all the special educators, parents and Individuals with special needs. Individualized educational plan indicates hope for some, agenda for a few, and a plan…
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December 4, 2019 0

My First Experience with Special Needs

Individuals with special needs are people first & they have different abilities, as they say, “if you judge a fish by its ability to run, we will never get anywhere” – Try & focus on their abilities rather than disabilities. My first Experience with Special NeedsMy first significant encounter with special needs was about 3…
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August 26, 2018 1

Understanding Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

While working with individuals diagnosed with OCD comorbid with autistic spectrum disorders, it is important to keep in mind that although there is an overlap in the symptoms, they need to be treated differently. It was during the 17th century that symptoms of ‘religious melancholy’ came to the surface. Individuals complained of bad thoughts, unintentionally…
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August 11, 2018 1

Exploring visual learning technologies to train individuals with special needs

In this week of our journey to inclusion series, we are exploring Video Modelling to Virtual Reality, a journey of observational learning technologies for individuals with special needs Disability is a canopy which includes physical impediment, visual impairment, intellectual disability to name a few. A significant number of these individuals with disability, require assistance and…
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August 4, 2018 1

Bridging the digital disparity in the special needs community

Accessible Information and Communication Technologies(ICTs) can level the playing field for individuals with special needs across life domains including education, employment, and economics. Inclusion is a relentless journey not just within but socially and economically. Digital technologies have not only reduced the traditional hurdles of communication, interaction, and access to information but made way for…
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July 27, 2018 0